is the business of helping other businesses. (Did you follow all that?) Our routines were down, and we had a steady flow of incoming projects. That is, until we got that feeling, like an old dog that suddenly gets a second wind and begins to act like a puppy again. We took on WorkTraits, and suddenly entered the tech and online education industry. The question everyone is asking us now is “Are you still offering consulting?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes.” You see, not only have we maintained a steady stream of exciting consulting projects, but as we’ve taken on ownership of WorkTraits, we’ve used our strengths as a consulting firm to guide the entire process. We have our Action Management Lists, Monthly Goals & Priorities, Project Plan, and so on. It occurred to us that our systems have worked for hundreds of other businesses, so why not utilize our strengths?

This is how we’ve become a 9-year-old start-up. We have a brand new tool to develop, a team to grow, and systems to put in place. We’re treating our WorkTraits product like one of our clients, and we’ve integrated the management and development within our consulting schedule. We’ve channeled the “puppy” spirit that drives young entrepreneurs to keep progressing as our business matures.

So as your business plateaus, don’t let the known routine deplete your enthusiasm, or your business will become stale and stagnant. Always be aware of cultural and technological advances that present opportunities to grow your business at any stage.

Download your Action Management, Monthly Goals & Priorities, and Project Plan templates!

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