By Ryan Alba

Many of the world’s greatest racecar drivers are typically masters of tire management. Tires are the singular point of contact between a vehicle and the road, but they’re often overlooked.

Why are tires so important? Because tire traction is essential for drivers to be able to effectively get to where they want to go. Traction is constantly distributed in three different ways: turning, accelerating forward and braking. These three actions are essential to racing, and in the automotive industry, adjustments to traction is known as a Traction Management System, or TMS.

What happens when drivers ask more from the tires than the traction that’s available? They slide. They lose grip. The tires squeal and don’t go in the direction they were aiming for. Ultimately, this means that racecar drivers are often passed by their competition.

This is a great analogy for us on our individual journey along the road of life and leadership. Like the racecar driver, we have our own TMS: Time, Money and Stress.

Just as the quickest drivers are able to constantly fine tune their inputs to deliver close to 100% of their traction, you must also constantly adjust and manage your own TMS to make sure you’re getting the most of yourself and your resources.

But how do you know if you’re close to giving 100%? Similar to racing, you will only find out by pushing yourself and finding your limits. Often, this means pushing beyond the limit, causing slipping and sliding. As a leader, you need to constantly assess how much is left to give.

This Time, Money and Stress management system can be self-reflection, meditation, prayer, exercise or metric tracking, among other ideas. For me, it is prayer and a good workout. Regardless of the method, I urge you to discover your system, assess your traction, and push to reach your full potential.

Bottom Line

In your journey to becoming a great leader, you will experience some challenges along your race. By constantly fine-tuning your course and resources, you’ll strengthen your leadership potential and inspire others to do the same.


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