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What is an entrepreneur? Derived from the French verb entreprendre (to undertake), it is used to describe a specific personality type: a person who is forward-thinking, ambitious and imaginative, who organizes and leads new business ventures, assuming both the majority of risk and potential rewards.

Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Gordon Segal, Martha Stewart, Walt Disney, Sam Walton, Coco Chanel and Debbi Fields are some of the people who come to my mind when I consider the most successful entrepreneurs who have had a direct effect on my life. From automotive to entertainment to fashion to food, there are no limits on the subject matter of their businesses. Each of those people had a different passion, background and vision, but their processes, drive, goals and results were alike, and that’s what makes them all one in the same—true entrepreneurs.

Being in the business of serving other businesses, we work with owners in many different industries. They all have their own unique stories, but their personal qualities are very similar. When I talk about our clients, I don’t just say we work with business owners, I say we work with “proactive entrepreneurs”—there’s a big difference. Recently I met someone who told me he opened his business because he thought he could do what he wanted to do whenever he wanted to do it—as you can probably guess, he had a rude awakening.

The belief that owning a business is just easy and fun is not uncommon among those who have never been an owner. People have this idea that with ownership comes independence and a carefree life, but they don’t see what goes on behind the scenes. It takes the heart of a true entrepreneur to succeed. The amount of drive, enthusiasm, dedication, knowledge, humility, creativity and hard work it takes to be successful is hard to put into words. You don’t fully comprehend it until you find yourself in the middle of it.

We have seen so many of our clients grow successful businesses from just a thought. It inspires us to reach out to more like-minded people and share our knowledge and experiences to perpetuate the economic growth and success we’ve seen. This is why Global Entrepreneurship Week is so vital to the world—it’s a movement for people to come together, share ideas, successes and failures, new ventures and inspiring stories. Every day at Collaboration, we celebrate that spirit. We’re always proud of and inspired by the accomplishments we witness in our clients, and we employ that spirit of the entrepreneur in everything we do.

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