By Michael Gunther

Starting your own business is no small feat. You spent countless hours dreaming about your new business, then many more on research, marketing, finding funding sources, and perfecting your product or service. You made it: you launched, you survived your first year, and you now have a burgeoning team to help your business grow even more.

Now — change everything you thought you knew about running a business and recognize that you must change as your business grows. The entrepreneurial spirit that helped you launch a business must evolve when you are the leader of a company seeking breakthrough performance. Here are the top three reasons why being an entrepreneur is killing your business.

You’re Tripping Over Your Ego

It’s time to become a collaborative leader and learn to manage and lead your team effectively. Shift your thinking from “me” to “we”. Remember that it’s no longer about you, but your business, team, valued customers and clients.

You’re ‘Chasing Sexy’

There, out of the corner of your eye, is another idea. You’re feeling the thrill of another startup, one that is more enticing than your current business and could possibly be even more successful. The reality? ‘Sexy’ probably isn’t around the corner. Focus on the here and now to nurture your company so it becomes what you always envisioned.

You Distrust Trust

This company was made on your blood, sweat, and tears. How can you put it in the hands of an employee who may not love it as much as you do? However, you have to learn to hand-off some responsibilities; it’s time to learn to trust the people you hand-picked to grow your business. Not only will trust inspire and motivate your employees, but it will allow you to get out of the weeds and trust your team.

Bottom Line

To achieve your next breakthrough opportunity, it’s time for you to change your way of leading and thinking to ensure the scalability, success, and sustainability of your company in the long run. Learn more about how to shift your thinking from entrepreneur to collaborative leader in our upcoming webinar and this whitepaper.

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