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You hired a business consultant… Abracadabra! Your business is up 30%, your team is motivated and productive, and you are sleeping at night. It’s that simple, right? Not so fast. A business consultant can be a valuable resource and wealth of information, but they don’t carry magic wands, and they don’t do your work for you. The results come from one key ingredient which has so often been overlooked in the past.

So what is this key to success? It’s very simple, but it’s the most difficult piece of the puzzle: Implementation. When we first begin working with a new client, we uncover broken processes. But we don’t just identify problems, we provide solutions and give them the tools to make changes. The “a-ha!” moment comes when they start to understand how processes are supposed to work, how to take measurements, and then utilize those measurements to improve daily operations of the organization. Our clients learn that processes aren’t just ideas and possibilities. If implemented, they become solutions to core business challenges. The results to the bottom line are soon to follow.

We recently had a company meeting and discussed different success stories of our past clients. A pattern emerged. They were natural learners, always seeking knowledge and looking for ways to improve their businesses. Before working with Collaboration, they felt like they had exhausted their resources, and were still experiencing the same challenges. They didn’t know what they were missing. They were frustrated, some on the verge of calling it quits, but they were not giving up that easily.

When we introduce the R.P.M. Business Model (Relationship, Processes, Measurements) to address what hasn’t ever been implemented, everything starts to come together. They have a system in place to monitor the most important elements of their businesses, and they see what they’ve been missing. By building and maintaining relationships, applying the right processes, and taking measurements of the results, an owner has a clear picture of what’s going on within the organization. Even though they may have learned this in the past, they now have the skills and guidance to implement the improvements at a rapid rate.

Sales begin to increase, and owners get excited about their businesses again. Behaviors begin to shift. They develop better leadership qualities, and become re-energized. They get back the passion and drive they once had. They’re able to focus on key issues, and delegate responsibilities to their management team. Everyone understands how their role applies to the organization as a whole, and the productivity increases. And that’s the magic of effective business consulting!

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Something’s not right with your business. You know it, your team feels it and maybe it’s trickling down to your clients too. Whatever issues you’re facing, let our friendly, smart, intuitive team give you the tools you need to elevate your business. Give us a call, send an email, or meet us out for coffee or a cocktail. Let’s collaborate to create a successful business!

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