Success Stories


“When Michael [Gunther, Collaboration founder and Senior consultant] came on, he helped us build processes and structure that allowed us to take on more business and grow.” – Kevin Rice, Chief of Sales and Marketing Officer at Hathway

Claiborne & Churchill Winery

“Working with Collaboration has changed my life because it’s made me even more proud of our employees and the way we run our business.” – Clay Thompson, CEO and Owner of Claiborne & Churchill Winery

Digital West

“One of the biggest benefits of working with Collaboration was the continued structure added to our business. Our management meetings are now structured, focused and shorter; they’re really making us think and be prepared for those meetings each week.” – Tim Williams, Owner of Digital West

Anderson Burton Construction

"Through the managed growth process that we learned through Collaboration, we were able to grow our business from a $500,000/year company to a $13+ million/year company." - Joni Anderson, President of Anderson Burton Construction

Injectors Direct

"Collaboration helped us identify room for improvement, weak areas and where we could improve our whole operational process. It helped me realize how important it is to think of the big picture." - Andrew Grow, President of Injectors Direct

AccuAir Suspension

"Collaboration quickly became a part of our team and took on some of the burden and challenges we faced." - Dustin Heon, Co-owner of AccuAir Suspension

Kramer Events

"I feel like we’re really in a position to knock it out of the park and take the company to the next level." - Beau Kramer, Co-owner of Kramer Events

Breakaway Tours & Event Planning

"After working with Collaboration, I envision the future of my business growing and only getting better and better." - Erik Tweedie, Vice President of Breakaway Tours & Event Planning

Coastal Handyman Service

"Collaboration gave us a lot of tools that I had no idea were available to people who work in the trades, such as general contractors. Really understanding the numbers and the market is so empowering." - Mike Rooney, Co-owner and Operator of Coastal Handyman Service

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