Speaking Series: Business Breakthrough

Through our work with our clients — from start-ups, “mom-and-pops” to multi-million dollar businesses — we learned they all have three things in common. No matter where a client is on the growth spectrum, they want to know how to make more money, perform more effectively as a leader and build their teams.

In response, we developed a Speaking Series to address these three key growth areas, ultimately bringing our insight to your clients. This three-part series focuses on the strategic areas of growth essential to achieving business breakthrough. Below is a brief synopsis of the topics covered.

Grow Your Bottom Line:

As your business evolves, reevaluate your strategies and goals to ensure you are on the path to sustainably growing your bottom line. Financial growth is achieved through goal-setting and long-term planning — find out how to strategically prepare your business for the next level.

Grow as a Leader:

Acknowledge the necessity of sharpening your leadership skills as your company grows. Learn to avoid micromanaging your employees and, instead, delegate and trust in them.

Grow Your Team:

Find out how to manage a growing team through collaboration and education. Get a sneak peek into our Seven Areas of Effective Teams program and realize that communication is only one essential part of building a strong team.

Come grow with Collaboration! These 60-minute sessions — which include a 15-minute Q&A — can be held at your office or any other convenient location.

To book our Speaking Series, contact Rachell Newburn at rnewburn@collaboration-llc.com / 805-541-9040 or fill out the below form.

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