Meet Michael Gunther

Founder, Senior Consultant, Business Development

Founder, Senior Consultant, Business Development
Michael is a born entrepreneur with a knack for identifying issues that prevent organizations from growing. He builds solid teams by improving engagement, developing leadership skills and growing businesses to reach their potential — both within his clients’ organizations and his own.

Over the course of his career at Collaboration, Michael guided over 500 businesses to achieve growth, trained thousands of leaders and assisted nearly 300 businesses to get started. Michael knows what it takes to build impactful, purposeful and authentic collaboration that results in profitable and sustainable organizations.

No doubt about it, Michael practices what he preaches. As a hands-on manager, he’s always looking for ways to improve the service Collaboration provides to clients. Michael advises his clients to never stop learning, and he takes that message personally too.

· Motivator: Michael asks his clients the tough questions to help them determine their roadblocks, then creates an action plan specifically tailored to their goals and challenges.
· Community Advocate: Michael supports and encourages local entrepreneurship and acts as a pro-bono advisor for a number of organizations.
· Keynote Speaker: Michael speaks to small business teams, large corporations, non-profits and community groups looking to grow or make changes. He focuses on how these groups can transform their situation, implement change and see results.

5 Questions For Michael

What is your proudest client success and why?michael-3
Watching our clients continue to grow and excel after they bring us on board. Our goal is to empower the leaders we work with to change their behaviors and systems to allow them to achieve their goals and dreams. Our Collaboration clients have won SBA awards to industry awards while building their profitable, sustainable businesses.

What is your most impactful Collaboration accomplishment?
Helping businesses during the recession to rebuild their businesses with a stronger foundation, which allowed them to survive, keep employees and get back to thriving. Some of these business, I believe, would be out of business without our guidance and support.

What is one thing people don’t commonly know about you?
I am an avid traveler – I love planning, organizing and going on trips locally and afar to learn about different cultures and meet amazing people from around the globe. It keeps me centered and appreciative for all that I have and the opportunities we have to create businesses in this country.

What is something personal we should know?
My upbringing had a significant impact on my life choices and even in naming my company Collaboration. I am the 14th child out of 17 children (yes, all from one mom and dad) and learning to deal with so many diverse personalities growing up gave me a solid foundation in understanding others. Also, I started businesses as early as 10 years old because, in our house, if you wanted to do any activity you needed to earn the income to do so.

What is something you are looking forward to in the future?michael4
I am truly excited about the direction of our company to impact more leaders’ lives. Our team continues to get stronger every day, we live by a strong set of core values and we are consistently striving to learn how can we reach more people in the future through new products and services.

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