By Kristin Mehiel

Investing in an effective lead generation program is pivotal to organizations, both big and small. Establishing an official lead generation plan will astronomically boost sales and, ultimately, your bottom line. Simultaneously, your sales team will maintain a laser focus as they work through a consistent lead development system.

The cornerstone of a lead generation strategy is gaining a solid understanding of the marketing ecosystem. A truly successful marketing strategy fires on all components of the ecosystem to generate leads from all six channels, which are: Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, PR & Branding, Events, Demand Generation, and Social Media.

Once you are firing on all components, it is essential to measure which channels are yielding the most qualified leads for your sales team and organization. Then, it’s a matter of ‘wash, rinse, repeat, and refine.’

For example, invest in a booth display at an industry trade show and hand out a one-pager that discusses your company’s products or services. Measure how many people stopped by your booth and signed up for your email newsletter, then determine how many of those first contacts turned into legitimate leads, and ultimately, customers or clients. If you find that this didn’t yield the leads you expected, next time put more effort and budget into hosting an educational seminar to gain close access to those who are already initially interested in your company’s services.

Bottom Line

Lead generation comes from a variety of marketing channels. Develop a plan and tactics under each of the six components, then measure the tactics and refine the plan based on your results. Expect to continually refine your tactics to increase your bottom line.

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