Meet Maggie Torres

Consultant, Project Manager, Office Manager, HR

Consultant, Project Manager, Office Manager, HR
Maggie is always seeking to inspire and empower those around her, both at work and in her personal life. Laser focused on finding solutions, Maggie has a strong inclination to help others succeed, and she is rewarded by seeing it happen. She relishes in the fact that she’s a part of a team working to help others reach their full potential.

Maggie’s niche is in putting systems and tools in place to increase her clients’ productivity and improve employee morale. Her responsibilities include ensuring that every engagement is run smoothly and providing incredible customer service and human resources advice. She is in-tune with what her clients and team needs, often able to anticipate those needs and act upon them before they are even vocalized.

Attention to detail is an essential skill for a project manager, and Maggie excels at keeping our projects and client engagements running efficiently. By creating and maintaining effective systems and processes, she makes the day-to-day operations and special projects easy to manage. She draws inspiration and motivation from working in a collaborative environment and being a part of the successes of her clients and team.

5 Questions For Maggie

What is your proudest client success and why?
maggieI assisted a client in hiring their first employee, which was a difficult decision for the business owners. We created a recruiting process, reviewed resumes and developed an on-boarding process to be used for all future employees. It was rewarding to hear them talk about hiring a second employee once they saw the benefits the first employee gave them.

What is your most impactful Collaboration accomplishment?
As Collaboration began rapidly growing, I developed and implemented a project management system to better organize our internal and external projects.

What is one thing people don’t commonly know about you?
I have a unique ability to remember random things that occurred days, months, or even years ago. I also have a knack for dates — if you ask me what day of the week an upcoming date lands on, I can usually tell you without looking at a calendar. While I wish these skills were in my repertoire during high school history class, I’m happy to have developed them as it’s useful for keeping the team organized and our internal systems running smoothly!

What is something personal we should know?
I haven’t watched a sporting event that didn’t excite me. I’m originally from San Diego, so I’m a huge Chargers and Padres fan. Sundays used to be sacred days before the Chargers left town. I also really get into the Olympics, and I enjoy catching the SLO Blue Baseball games during sunny SLO summer days!Maggie Torres Collaboration

What is something you are looking forward to in the future?
Years ago, I worked with kids, and I loved watching them develop their skills and personalities. At Collaboration, I feel the same way about our clients. It’s truly amazing to watch our clients develop their leadership skills and expand their businesses, all while making a major impact in the community.

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