Is a high volume of great work better than a lower volume of perfect work?

Consider this: would you rather have an employee who could consistently knock out 100% of his or her weekly action management list at 90% accuracy, or an employee who could execute 60% of his or her work load at 100% accuracy?

Unless your business involves open heart surgery or dismantling nuclear war heads, the first option is most likely the better choice. Here’s why:

When you’re investing time, energy, money and/or emotions into a project, you reach a point at which returns begin to plateau or even decrease. Once you identify that point, stop. It’s that simple. Any additional time you dedicate will not valuably increase the output.

This is called the Law of Diminishing Returns. The key to success with this theory is having the ability to identify whether the potential returns justify the investment (time, money, energy, etc.). If they don’t, it’s your cue to be done and move on to the next project.

Consistent, highly productive individuals are coveted in today’s work place. It’s never too late to implement the Law of Diminishing Returns.

Download the Law of Diminishing Returns pdf

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