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You started your business to use your specific talents to fill a need in the community. And you also want to make money! As your business evolves, it’s important to reevaluate your strategies and goals to ensure you are on the path to sustainably growing your bottom line while collaborating with and empowering your team.

A.M. Sun Solar, solar energy experts, engaged Collaboration with the objective to structure a business partnership, increase revenue and cultivate new growth opportunities. Once a five-year vision was defined and aligned with strategic milestones, Collaboration worked with them to improve production management. Project workflow and accountability procedures were put into place, as well as a financial tracking system with an established annual budget and dynamic financial projections. As a result, A.M. Sun Solar saw an increase in sales ratio by 25% and revenue was increased by 270% in 2014.

Anderson Burton Construction

"Through the managed growth process that we learned through Collaboration, we were able to grow our business from a $500,000/year company to a $13+ million/year company." - Joni Anderson, President of Anderson Burton Construction

Injectors Direct

"Collaboration helped us identify room for improvement, weak areas and where we could improve our whole operational process. It helped me realize how important it is to think of the big picture." - Andrew Grow, President of Injectors Direct

AccuAir Suspension

"Collaboration quickly became a part of our team and took on some of the burden and challenges we faced." - Dustin Heon, Co-owner of AccuAir Suspension

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I credit my work with Collaboration in helping me implement growth and change. We’ve basically doubled what we were doing before; we are now setting and achieving sales goals on a regular basis, when in the past they just had a ‘see what happens’ mentality. I’m thrilled about the growth I’ve seen in my business, and proud of what my team and I have accomplished.

Tom Hilliard

Owner, Mr. Tom’s Tile

With Collaboration, we set sales targets and break-even numbers that we had never looked at before. We hadn’t ever hit our break-even numbers because we didn’t know what they were. Within about a three month period, we hit our sales targets consistently. It was a real eye-opener and a huge accomplishment for us and for what Collaboration had done for us.

Reno and Dustin Heon

Co-Founders, AccuAir

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Something’s not right with your business. You know it, your team feels it and maybe it’s trickling down to your clients too. Whatever issues you’re facing, let our friendly, smart, intuitive team give you the tools you need to elevate your business. Give us a call, send an email, or meet us out for coffee or a cocktail. Let’s collaborate to create a successful business!

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