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Have you ever found yourself finishing up a very busy week, checking your calendar for the next seven days, and realizing there’s nothing on it?! No work scheduled, no sales appointments, no consultations, nothing! You are not alone. We see it so often in our clients, we have given it a name: “The Sales Roller Coaster.”

For those of us who have sales responsibilities, in addition to client/customer work, this is a very common problem. We get so busy writing our proposals, working with our co-workers or assisting customers, that we forget to generate, cultivate and close leads! We end up starting from scratch, desperately recruiting leads and attempting to close business. Does it work? No. Does it create unnecessary stress for us, our team, and our bottom lines? Absolutely. 

What is the answer to avoiding this roller coaster and keeping business consistently coming in at a growing rate? Balance. The balancing between your current customer work and the three essential pieces of bringing in new business:

  1. Building leads
  2. Nurturing leads and turning them into relationships
  3. Closing the sale

Here are some very helpful hints to avoid this stressful situation and stay off the Sales Roller Coaster:

  • Look at your calendar a month out and find those holes–weeks, not days before they are set to occur.
  • Review on a weekly basis who you have in your sales pipeline. Are you getting in front of new people? Are there individuals who are ready to close for business?
  • Spend at least 2 hours each week working on leads and relationships, and schedule this time into your calendar.

Once you begin to balance the three steps, you will gain momentum which will carry over in your month-to-month sales. The feeling is exhilarating and you will surely sleep better at night knowing business is growing!

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