By Michael Gunther

Have you ever felt like giving your two-week notice, only to realize you’re actually the business owner and there’s no one to give it to? I have to admit there are times when I feel like I want to provide my notice or leave the business. I know when this happens it’s a sign I need to step back and figure out what’s really going on in my business.

Am I feeling burned out and in need of a vacation? Is there some stressful situation or critical decision that I need to address which is causing me added stress and generating the feeling of running away (i.e. giving my notice).

These thoughts have recently surfaced, so I’ve begun to evaluate what’s causing them – especially since I truly enjoy what I do for a living and the impact we have on people’s lives and businesses. Fortunately, I knew I had a vacation coming up to process these fight or flight feelings.

I’m actually writing this on the train home from my vacation and have had the opportunity to explore this over the past week. So, here it is…

  • We’ve added new employees, which means higher overhead, which means higher pressure on sales and cash flow. I obviously understand the consequences of hiring new employees, but on the heels of hiring these new individuals is the news that the economy has barely grown, housing is down and our federal government can’ t seem to get their act together which will impact the economy even more. I realize that I cannot control any of those items except our strategy to continue to grow our business in spite of all these external economic factors. Taking action is critical at this time.
  • Collections. We have grown our business this year but are experiencing some collection issues with some clients which, quite honestly, we have never faced before. So, we have to clarify our payment process with our new clients as well as educate our fairly new staff on the process, etc. to ensure consistent cash flow.
  • My well-being. This short vacation has made me realize how I have not been consistent in taking care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally. No wonder I wanted to give my two-week notice to myself. I need to take care of myself if I expect to be able to assist our clients and support our employees. The work we do is very mentally and emotionally driven – as much as I love it, it also causes me to feel very tired by the end of the week, especially if I’m not exercising, eating properly, making time for myself, etc. Another lesson learned – I have to get back to scheduling time for myself so I can do the things that are important to me in order to maintain a consistent high performance state of mind at work.

Bottom line

Do you ever have the feeling you’re exhausted and ready to throw in the towel? Before you do, take some time off (it’s probably much needed) and look internally to see if there are some issues or challenges within yourself or your business. Develop a game plan to address these items and then, see if you’re ready to throw in the towel or more likely feeling reinvigorated to begin implementing the game plan you created.

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