By Michael Gunther

As relentless learners, our Collaboration team is driven to educate ourselves and our fellow business leaders to learn new techniques that will lead to success. That’s one reason why we decided to launch a speaker series, Business360°: Advanced Strategies for Leaders. We want to impart our extensive business management knowledge to others who seek new and effective strategies to achieve the next step in their business.

The most unique aspect to this speaker series is that it’s aimed at experienced leaders. It seems like there’s numerous educational opportunities available for new entrepreneurs or start-ups — those who need to learn how to build a strong business foundation to support their amazing new idea or concept. Business360° caters to experienced leaders of established companies because they want to achieve greater levels of success, too.

Over the course of the series of workshops, we aim to teach leaders about process improvement, strategic planning, and leadership development. Our first Business360° gathering takes place on Friday, March 1 at 8 a.m. at our office headquarters in San Luis Obispo, CA. I will be leading the event and speaking about growing a scalable and profitable business. Learn more and register at

Bottom Line

People at every level leading companies in any stage of the business lifecycle need to keep on learning to achieve breakthrough performance. Our Business360° speaker series workshop is dedicated to helping experienced leaders become reinvigorated to reach the next step in their business and establish a scalable growth model.


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