Successful businesses have happy customers – lots of happy customers. In this age of technology where all it takes is one bad experience to be spread from Yelp to Facebook throughout your community and beyond, the reverse can be applied to positive reviews.

There are many ways to capture the sentiments of satisfied clients, and sometimes you just have to think outside the box a little bit. Here’s 5 ways to easily leverage all those rave reviews:

1.       Create and manage a Facebook page for your business. Ask your friends to “Like” it and begin to grow your fans. By adding a welcome page that offers an incentive for first time visitors, you’ll attract new clients, too! When you update your status don’t just give information, ask questions such as “What was your favorite experience with us?” You’ll begin to capture quotes on your wall for all your visitors to see, and your fans will begin to interact with each other!

2.       If your products/services require you to spend a length of time working with a client, create an intake and completion process to assess and record their needs, past revenue, reason for working with you and the results they achieved. Get their feedback, and post their quotes on your website or in your marketing material (with their permission, of course).

3.       Develop a process for capturing client success stories. Take a look back at your past clients, those who fit your target profile and have amazing stories to share. Reach out to them for interviews to either write their stories to add to your growing collection of client successes, or film them telling their story in their own words!  (See #4 for ways to capitalize on your videos…)

4.       Create a video channel for your business (Youtube and Vimeo are great places to start). By now you should be familiar with SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or, how people find you online), but there is also VSEO for videos. You can define these channels and individual videos to appear in video searches as well as general web searches. Nothing beats the authenticity of a satisfied client telling the world how amazing your business is through their own words and expressions!

5.       Are you on Linked In? Similar to Facebook, but designed for professional interaction, Linked In is a great way to stay in touch with clients and strategic partners. You build a personal relationship focused on your business connections, and create a network of people who can attest to your expertise and professionalism, and vice-versa. Through Linked In profile you can reach out to those with whom you’re connected and ask them to give you a “Recommendation.” You’ll have a collection of testimonials in no time, from a variety of perspectives.

Now set some goals and get to work defining your strategy and leveraging your testimonials!

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