Lately we’re talking a lot about the “Why” around Collaboration, a topic sparked by a recently discovered TED talk (Simon Sinek, How Great Leaders Inspire Action). Working with so many business owners and management teams, we hear a lot of the “What we do” and “How we do it.” Sometimes we get caught up in this way of thinking, because we assume that’s the information people need to know. The reality is, if we truly follow our Mission and Vision, “What we do” and “How we do it” is entirely based on “Why we do it.”

It’s this “Why” that actually attracts your target market and inspires them to choose you and your organization. One must have a vision and believe in their mission in order to be successful in an increasingly competitive market and economy. The assumption is that consumers want everything they purchase to be the fastest, cheapest and biggest and that those qualities equate to the best – but that’s not entirely true. True innovators are the ones who rise above the average and this is because they believe in the “Why.”

To use Simon’s example, Apple makes good computers, and they are uniquely designed. But it’s the entire branding of Apple products as an innovative leader within the technology industry that connects to their target market. Many companies make computers and mp3 players, but when people buy products from Apple they buy products that make their lives easier to manage and a whole lot more fun!

So when you go to your next networking event, or put together your latest marketing materials, or hire your next employee, consider your “Why.” Are you articulating it when you talk about your business? Do your flyers and newsletters convey it? Does this potential new hire understand and share it? It’s the ability to communicate the “Why” that will establish you as an innovative and successful leader, and there will be no limit to what your organization can achieve.

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