By Rick Berard

Our May Business360° at our SLO headquarters, “Leadership vs. Management — Why a Growing Business Needs Both”, was a great success. I enjoyed speaking with a room full of collaborative learners who sought to understand the intricate balance between being a strong leader and an efficient manager.

During my presentation, one of our attendees asked about our Collaborative Leader® Assessment. This valuable tool measures and quantifies your team’s trust around seven crucial elements, which we refer to as the Core 7™ areas of trust. It is critical to build organizational trust, and this tool assesses alignment between leadership and your team in all seven areas, including Vision, Expectations, Communication, Accountability, Development, Innovation, and Balance.

        Core 7™ areas of trust

We start the assessment process by asking leaders and employees at your organization for feedback with the purpose of quantifying the amount of trust in your company. The insights analyzed from this assessment helps us guide our recommendations to ensure we focus on the areas most relevant in building a high-trust environment.

The next step for leaders is to develop an education plan for themselves based on the feedback from their team. The Collaborative Leader® Assessment really helps leaders get to the heart of the trust issues within their organization.

If you’re curious about the assessment, check out this sample report.

Bottom Line

Where there is trust, there is effectiveness, and where there is effectiveness, there is impact. If you want to learn more about the Collaborative Leader® Assessment, please connect with us!

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