By Erin Hoffman

Anyone who has worked in any industry knows that conflicting personalities take a toll on teamwork, morale, and the successful completion of a project. But what many people might not know is that they don’t have to just learn to deal with a co-worker. Instead, teams can seek to understand and invest in programs and trainings to educate employees on how to best communicate with each other.

For example, I am an advocate of the WorkTraits communication assessment system. When I do a communication training, I ask each employee to take the online assessment, which is then evaluated and the individual is given a name for their behavioral style (i.e. Decision-Maker, Encourager, Facilitator, or Tracker) and core conviction style (i.e. Ambition, Belief, Compassion, or Discipline). Aside from knowing how you think and communicate, each staff member is provided the opportunity to learn about their co-workers’ assessments as well. Then, the team is taught how to effectively communicate with each other, ultimately breaking down barriers and working better together.

Understanding how your coworkers think, process, and act on information is integral to effective communication. Proper communication techniques are the foundation of teamwork. In turn, teamwork leads to achieving goals, completing projects (on time!), and a general camaraderie that positively contributes to the company’s culture.

Bottom Line
Use a communication style assessment to understand how the individual personalities on your team can best work together. When we engage in teamwork and support one another, anything is possible.

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