By Rachell Newburn

I recently had the opportunity to attend SLO Chamber’s Good Morning SLO business breakfast. What an event! Hundreds of business leaders gathered together to network and share the best business advice we’ve ever received. Facilitated by Michael Gayaldo, former CEO and majority stakeholder at Norcast Telecom Network, we all came away with even more tips and tricks for our business toolbox. The responses were overwhelmingly inspirational and we’d love to share them with you. Here are some of the highlights:

Face the problem, own it, and make it right. And don’t let your ego get in the way! We all make mistakes, even when we’re trying our best not to. The best course of action is to acknowledge the issue, admit your fault and then determine how to fix it. This stretches the gamut from typos in a newsletter to missing a deadline — no issue is too big or too small to ignore. Your colleagues and clients will appreciate your integrity.

Always be relationship-centered and outcome-focused. Make your client and co-worker relationships your priority — just like you do with those in your personal life. When focusing on outcomes, you obtain the ability to look at the big picture and can then visualize the ways the moving pieces of a project must come together.

Hire people smarter than yourself. It’s hard to admit that you don’t know everything. Realize your weaknesses and look to hire others who can fill those gaps. Your business’ success is your priority — not your ego.

Write your goals down every day. Take the time to sit down and visualize what you wish to accomplish that day. This ensures that projects move forward and deadlines are met. This is especially helpful for those who procrastinate!

Work for the job you want. Want to start your own company one day? Even if you’re the intern for another company, start thinking — and acting — like the person you want to one day become.

Live at the edge of your comfort zone. By constantly pushing yourself to try new things, you’ll find that it will become easier over time. People who achieve success never settle for less.

Always put the customer before the profit. The customer may not always be right, but the right thing to do is work with them to make it right. Not only do you want to retain this customer, but you want to avoid them badmouthing you on social media. Without customers, you won’t have the opportunity to even earn a profit!

Do the hardest thing on your to-do list first. You know that one thing on your list that you’re dreading? Don’t put it off. Get it done first so it is completed — then you can stop worrying about it and focus on the rest of your daily goals.

Be transparent. To vault to the level of Collaborative Leader®, transparency is key. Be sure to always proactively communicate with your team and share the good news and the bad in a timely manner. When being transparent, be sure to also provide essential context around the information to stave off rumors and misunderstandings.

Treat everyone with respect, regardless of what their level is. Whether you’re the CEO or a middle manager, be sure to treat everyone as if they’re the most important person you’re working with that day. You never know where the next big idea will come from!

What’s some of the best business advice you’ve ever received? We’d love to hear from you and may include your answer in a subsequent post. Email me your thoughts at [email protected]

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