Meet Rick Berard

Consultant Strategic Thinker, Culture Creator, Team Architect

Rick’s extensive background in building sustainable teams for businesses progressing through the rapid growth stage is his calling card. Entrepreneurs have the big ideas, but may not always have the skill set to manage explosive growth. Rick has the ability to coach and train managers to handle their growing teams by creating and implementing goals and ensuring the company as a whole is heading in the right strategic direction.

With decades of experience in building teams and creating company cultures, Rick is dedicated to providing teachable moments to his clients. His previous work in the biotech field and the US Coast Guard gave him the skills to creatively pursue new avenues to ensure the long-term success of companies of any size.

Rick is passionate about people and understands that having the right people focused in the right areas and surrounded by the right culture will maximize the productivity of an organization and ensure an appropriate work/life balance for all employees. As a natural leader and persuasive communicator, Rick seeks to see what is ‘under the iceberg’ of a person’s professional experience to further motivate individuals to reach their full potential.

5 Questions For Rick

Rick Berard1. What is your proudest client success and why?
I’m most proud of building a team from scratch to support the successful launch of a company’s first product. My objective was to focus on three areas in building a successful organization: properly allocating the company resources through developing a solid strategic plan, hiring the best people with the right competencies aligned to their jobs, and creating the proper culture so work is easy and enjoyable. My role was then to ensure the organization was constantly pointing in the right direction, continually ensuring a positive workplace culture and providing my team with the resources they needed to be successful. Of most importance, the product was a new medicine that made a significant difference for people living with a rare disease. Having this type of impact is what makes the long hours most rewarding.

2. What is your most impactful Collaboration accomplishment?
My deep leadership skill set of building high performing teams provides me an opportunity to apply these experiences in advising executives to achieve breakthrough performance. This includes conceiving and communicating a strategic vision, developing a top-notch management team, and embedding appropriate accountability structures.

Rick Berard Family3. What is one thing people don’t commonly know about you?
Prior to my business career, I spent time in the service as an officer in the US Coast Guard. After four rigorous years studying and training at the Academy on the East coast, I had the opportunity to serve at sea on both the West and Gulf coasts — very exciting for a guy from Boston. I cherish my unique experiences as a young officer performing rescue missions and protecting our maritime environment. It was the kind of experience that no entry-level civilian job can match.

4. What is something personal we should know?
I love outdoor activities, which is one reason why I chose to live on the central California coast. A perfect day for me is a long hike with my wife among the sweeping vistas of the stunning coastline, followed by a visit to a local family-owned winery.

Rick Berard

5. What is something you are looking forward to in the future?
I’m excited to work with the incredible team at Collaboration to make a positive impact helping individuals grow as leaders and companies exceed their business goals.

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