Michael Gunther of Collaboration Business Consulting Named Winner of StartOut’s #OutEntrepreneur Video Contest

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA- Collaboration Business Consulting is proud to announce that Founder and Managing Partner Michael Gunther is the first recipient of StartOut’s #OutEntrepreneur video contest. StartOut works with their community to foster business success, pride, personal empowerment and a shared purpose to give back and inspire the next generation of LGBT entrepreneurs.

Michael was raised in a family of 10 brothers and six sisters, learning from an early age the power of entrepreneurship. He later founded Collaboration Business Consulting, leading a team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals in assisting proactive business professionals develop into collaborative leaders.

“Early in my career, I had a supervisor who was out in the company I was working for. I was not out. It was interesting to see his confidence and ability to do that,” Michael said. “He coached me and mentored me and I eventually came out in that organization.”

Michael’s view is that in order to create authenticity between your business, clients and employees, you need to be true to yourself. “I had my own insecurities about how people were going to respond to a gay entrepreneur. One of my challenges was being authentic and vulnerable with who I was,” he said. “I’m an #OutEntrepreneur because it’s the only way to be. You have to be yourself and be authentic; it gives you strength in building your business.”

About Michael Gunther

Throughout Michael Gunther’s corporate careers, the one thing that has built and sustained success more than anything else has been his authenticity. His entrepreneurial story began with a degree in business administration and psychology, and using his educational experiences, he focuses on building solid teams by improving engagement, developing leadership skills and growing businesses to reach their potential. Michael personally understands what is takes to build authentic, purposeful, impactful and collaboration. He ran a $40 million division as the youngest VP at the age of 28 and over the past 21 years has guided over 500 organizations in their growth, trained thousands of leaders and assisted nearly 300 businesses get started. Through his personal experiences and challenges as an Out Entrepreneur, he inspires, educates and empowers other business leaders to trust themselves, their organizations, colleagues, clients and community. Michael has learned that while he builds collaborative work environments based on trust and transparency, he continues to pursue his passion of developing diverse leadership communities.

About StartOut

StartOut is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation created with a view towards promoting equality and combating discrimination in the business world through economic empowerment. It is dedicated to creating great business leaders by fostering LGBT entrepreneurship.

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