You’ve been given the opportunity to manage a baseball team in an upcoming exhibition game, and you get to choose your team: the 1986 American League All-Stars, or the 2011 American League All-Stars. After considering both rosters, you choose the 1986 team – Rickey Henderson, Roger Clemens and Cal Ripken Jr. – how could you not?

Just one problem…it’s now 2011, and Rickey Henderson is no longer the speed demon he used to be. On top of that, Cal Ripken Jr. doesn’t perform like the same “Iron Man” who earned that nickname. Granted, the talents of 2011 All-Stars Curtis Granderson and David Ortiz may not be equivalent to Rickey Henderson and Cal Ripken Jr. at their primes – but the simple fact that those players are currently the best is the reason behind their success.

From All-Star Baseball to All-Star Business

To survive in business, a company must continually adapt to current and future trends. Just because what’s been done for the past 20 years has worked, doesn’t mean that it still works today as well as it did then – especially during this Web 2.0 period, where generational gaps between business owners and technology are widening. Even if your company was the Rickey Henderson of its day, unfortunately, that time has passed.

So How Can You Stay On Top?

Collaboration has initiated the Small Business Best Practices Ongoing Research Study. Hundreds of small business practices will be researched, outcomes measured, and ultimately those key practices which are present and critical to maintaining thriving organizations will be identified. As a business owner, you can ensure your business remains on top by understanding these best practices and implementing them within your organization.

The complete findings of the study will be shared with all participants in order to stimulate economic growth, profitability and sustainability across the Central Coast through a collective IQ of the proven best practices.

Just Take a Quick 15-Minute Survey & Get the Complete Results!

All information provided is confidential and non-proprietary. This study is about identifying key processes, not learning the secret to what makes your products or services unique.

Based on the cumulative results from this initial survey, “typical” practices will be identified, and those businesses that stand-out as “exceptional” will be studied further. After the final stage, data will be compiled into a comprehensive report and made available to all participants.

This Study is ongoing, which means the research will be consistently gathered and results updated annually. For 15 minutes of your time, you’ll get the inside track to lead your business forward and stay on top!

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