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Our team has recently taken on the challenge of reading “The 12 best business books of all time” as outlined by Dan Dzombak from The Motley Fool. We created a Relentless Learners Club which meets weekly to discuss that weeks’ reading and how to apply it to our personal and professional lives. We just finished our first book by Dale Carnegie, How To Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age. Hear Michael Gunther‘s insights by watching the below. Interested in joining our Relentless Learners Club? Email me.

Biggest takeaways:

Erin HoffmanYou cannot influence another individual without first having genuine interest in them as a person and their interests. Show respect for the other person’s opinions. This book was a great reminder to always be relationship centered, engaged, and transparent in every interaction. Think first of the individual and what they need, not the “like”, the site visit or dollar amount that they represent, and you will be more successful in life an in business.

Kevin Hughes: Naturally, I’m not a very empathetic person and being able to put myself in other’s shoes takes a great deal of awareness and practice. Reflecting on past experiences, I am continually reminded of times I should have asked more questions, instead of demanded things. Or times when I should have shared instead of ignored others’ feelings. Empathy is a learned skill which influences many areas of life. It starts with putting relationships at the center of all that we do. In How to Win Friends and Influence People, Carnegie puts it best, “empathy is not a networking tactic to be learned and leveraged, it is a link to authentic relationships with the people in our lives.”

Maggie Torres: After reading, How To Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age, by Dale Carnegie and Associates, I was uplifted with a new insight on how to approach different situations and how technology plays such a crucial role in any business today. Our communication is primarily online, whether it be through email or social media, so being aware how we present ourselves is a vital part of how we influence others and improve our relationships. When someone takes a genuine interest in something that is happening in your life it makes you feel important and respected,  why not give others that same feeling? Apply the key principles that Carnegie taught over 80 years ago and become a captivating person that inspires others.


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