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We’ve all heard the saying “there is no I in team,” and yet I see so many managers overwhelmed and taking too much on their own plate, when they could be utilizing their Team to get work done. They may want to show that they can do the job and do it right, or they may be nervous that someone else might mess it up or someone might even do it better. Whatever their reasoning, they need to be taught the meaning of a Team and how to build a lasting one. If you teach the Managers within your organization how to delegate, empower others, and build loyalty, your Team will be much more productive and happier.

Delegation is not about balancing out the workload, but an opportunity to bring others up through the organization. It is an opportunity to coach and mentor and to see who is capable and interested in stepping up and handling more. If delegation is done properly, it is one of the easiest ways to develop teamwork and to build stronger relationships among managers and their team members.

Empower Others
It has been my experience that one of the roadblocks to empowering organizations and establishing teams is management’s belief that they have to give up control. In reality, control has nothing to do with it. Managers need to identify other leaders within their Team and empower them to make a difference.

Build Loyalty
Employees look for fulfillment in the workplace in many more areas than just compensation. They want to have a future; they want to feel needed. They need to know that their ideas matter and that they are being heard. A recent Society for Human Resource Management survey showed that 80% of employees don’t leave a company, they leave a manager. The solution? Build loyalty between managers and their Teams.

Does your Manager act like there’s an “I” in team?
Begin with a good assessment. How is your manager interacting with others? Is there loyalty among the team? Are your teams reaching their goals and reaching the right outcomes? A good manager has loyal team members; you will know this by the team’s interaction and the department’s turnover rate. It will also be evident in the general happiness of team members at work.

Then, explain the rewards they will reap if they embrace their team:
1. Absenteeism is reduced
2. Customer satisfaction improves
3. Decisions are made much more quickly
4. Problems are resolved at the source
5. Tasks are completed in a harmonious manner
6. Morale remains high

Invest in your manager if your manager is worth investing in. The outcomes of the team will be far more rewarding than to keep looking for the next great new hire that will turn it all around. Chances are, that person is with you already; they don’t have the training or tools to make it happen.

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