By Michael Gunther


Our team at Collaboration is made up of ambitious individuals who are driven to provide great service, but who are also trying to aggressively grow our business. The goals we established for 2016 are truly “stretch goals” that will propel us to a new level of clients and revenue. Interestingly enough, we haven’t met our projections for the first two months of the year; however, we are building momentum to reach our predicted annual goals. Our current status has led us to an interesting conversation: do we change our goals or our behaviors?

It would be easy to adjust the goals for the year as it would remove the pressure to follow through with our commitments. Our team knew that we were going to have to operate at new levels and push ourselves and each other out of our comfort zones in order to achieve our vision for 2016. So, we had a conversation surrounding the commitment we made to our goals, and what we needed to change in our behaviors and actions in order to reach our intended outcomes.

This engaged discussion required each individual to look hard at themselves to discover which behaviors, attitudes or actions may be preventing them from moving forward. We discussed the fear of trying new things, what it means to be acting in an uncomfortable zone while attempting new strategies, and their own self-trust in their abilities to move forward. This authentic and purposeful collaboration identified some blocks and challenges that people were facing. By creating a safe environment where individuals could be vulnerable in sharing their fears and struggles, we were able to strategically create a new game plan in approaching our goals and behaviors this year.

Within ten days of this team meeting, great results are already happening. Team members are trying and implementing new behaviors. There is a renewed energy for our annual plan. Individuals are sharing their success in attempting new actions that are garnering results, which are even surprising to them. We will continue our conversation about truly getting out of our comfort zones and realize that by doing so, we are actually learning and developing skills that will make us all stronger.

I could have been a leader who just told our team they still needed to achieve our goals and figure it out for themselves. I could have been a leader who adjusted the goals when we weren’t meeting our projections. Instead, I was a leader who inspired my team to question themselves about the need for change in behaviors. By having a collaborative conversation on what may be holding us back, along with creating a safe environment to share areas of personal growth, we are able to be creatively disciplined in moving toward our goals.

Bottom Line

If you and your team are not achieving your goals, don’t just push them harder. Create an environment where you can truly coach and discover where they may have deficiencies or mental blocks to changing behaviors. It is only through these authentic and collaborative conversations that you will be able to impact their growth, which will ultimately impact your business.

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