By Erin Hoffman

In our latest Business360° speaking session, Create a Results-Oriented Management Team, attendees learned what it takes to learn to be a leader while simultaneously creating a collaborative management team. The whole purpose of this is to teach leaders that they need to focus on their business, not be immersed in it. This is a really difficult concept for entrepreneurial leaders to put into practice. They’re so used to making every decision and leading every charge that it is understandable that they struggle giving up some of this control. However, the key is for leaders to train and educate their managers to confidently take on this day-to-day role so the leader can rest assured that the right decisions are being made.

When it comes down to building and developing a strong management team, one best practice I promote is to get clear on the role. Think only about what purpose the role will serve; don’t think about the person filling that role at this point. Write down the necessary skill sets and experience that are essential to this particular role and how that will positively impact the organization as a whole. This allows leaders to focus on the essence of the role and what is needed to make it successful – rather than trying to make the role fit the employee.

One great way to start this process is to engage in this activity: identify your ‘must haves’ vs. your ‘like to haves’ as they relate to the specific management role. Take a moment to think about a management role and the purpose of it within your organization. Identify the necessary skills and experiences that a person must have in the role, and other skills and experiences that you would like to see in the role.

Bottom Line

Working on your business is an integral shift for leaders. This exercise is one of many that helps leaders focus on the higher-level decisions that they need to make to strengthen their management team. If you’re interested in other activities like this one, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].

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