Relentless learners committed to inspiring and empowering everyone they come in contact with: that is the bottom line of the Collaboration team. Each member of our group has a unique background which gives them the ability to listen, learn and educate our clients to help them succeed in business.

Each member of Collaboration is driven to soak up as much experience and knowledge as possible. The team was carefully cultivated to include a variety of strengths. What they all share is a passion for growing businesses and leaders, which in turn empowers and fortifies communities.

Michael Gunther

Michael Gunther

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Founder, Senior Consultant, Business Development

Spirited Captain, Believer in Limitless Possibilities, Inspiration to All
“My natural talent may be more on the process side, but my people skills help me enjoy what I do. Seeing potential in people motivates me to help them find the missing pieces.”

Erin Hoffman

Erin Hoffman

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Consultant, Financial Manager, Operations Manager

Number Cruncher, “Aha” Moment Reveler, Exceptional Trainer “Helping others succeed has always energized me. It makes me feel like I’m wearing a jetpack. At Collaboration, it seems more like a rocket. It’s that exciting.”

Maggie Torres

Maggie Torres

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Consultant, Project Manager, Office Manager, HR

Dedicated to Details, Laser Focused, Empowerment Supporter, Office Glue “Great teams are rare. It’s such a pleasure to be a part of one at Collaboration. Every single day we get to experience the direct impact we make on the community and on the lives of business owners. That is my daily motivation”.

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Something’s not right with your business. You know it, your team feels it and maybe it’s trickling down to your clients too. Whatever issues you’re facing, let our friendly, smart, intuitive team give you the tools you need to elevate your business. Give us a call, send an email, or meet us out for coffee or a cocktail. Let’s collaborate to create a successful business!

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