By Rick Berard

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In partnering with Central Coast companies, I’ve been impressed with the strong work ethic placed on “how” a business expects to accomplish its goals. Outstanding reputation, exceptional talent, diverse service offerings and impressive customer service are all key strengths I’ve identified in recent Collaboration clients. Solving problems is what they know how to do really well. Their commitment to their customers and employees is remarkable.

However, a number of these companies describe that things still aren’t clicking right — they seem to be spinning their wheels and are exhausted from the long hours spent on their business. Why is this? Shouldn’t intense focus on selling your product or service be enough?  Working hard and trying new tactics leads to better results, right?

My experience is that producing real results requires a focus on opportunities rather than problems. Ask yourself questions like: Who is your specific target audience? What is your real competitive value proposition? This is the “what” of accomplishing business goals and requires an adjustment of your spotlight. Start by determining which customers are the right match for your business, and which are not.

Bottom Line

This shift from a tactical mindset to making real business choices may lead you to substantive long-lasting results. More importantly, a focus on the “what” may provide you with more time to finally take that vacation you’ve been talking about.


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