Collaboration Business Consulting Registers Collaborative Leader® Trademark
Expect to see exciting additions to Collaboration’s toolkit

After a year-long process, Collaboration Business Consulting is pleased to announce the term, Collaborative Leader®, is now a registered trademark with the US Patent and Trademark Office. This designation gives Collaboration an edge in its pursuit to create collaborative leaders in San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara — and across the United States.

“Our vision is to lead the movement of collaborative leaders to transform how businesses are affecting change in today’s economy,” said Michael Gunther, Managing Partner of Collaboration Business Consulting. “We want to grow other businesses to make a large and long-lasting impact on the communities those businesses serve by helping proactive leaders reach their full potential.”

The Collaboration team looks forward to utilizing its evolving Collaborative Leader® Assessment with its clients to help them determine ways to improve in the Core 7™ Areas of Trust. These elements (vision, expectations, communication, accountability, development, innovation and balance) come together to make an effective, trusting team. The assessment gives leaders the opportunity to gauge the perceptions and alignment in these key areas to improve the overall level of trust within their organization. This assessment is exclusive to Collaboration’s client engagements, giving our clients an immensely useful tool to assist in their journey of growth as a leader.

“Learning how to collaborate is the key to growing as a leader of a thriving business,” Gunther said. “With my new book on the horizon, look for even more details on how to make the leap from entrepreneur to a true Collaborative Leader.”

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