Two key staff positions intensify operations to enhance client experience

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CA – Collaboration Business Consulting is pleased to announce the expansion of their goal-oriented team with the addition of Zheila Pouraghabagher as a Senior Consultant and Jill Dagion as a Consulting Coordinator. With a revitalized vision, strategy for new growth and Zheila’s extensive experience in leadership and executive coaching, and growth management, Collaboration is poised to serve even more clients in San Luis Obispo and the Santa Barbara region. Jill’s background in operations management and marketing communications in the science and technology fields lends a unique perspective to our client engagements. Collaboration works with progressive leaders to embed sustainable habits that empower them to achieve multimillion dollar business breakthroughs in their bottom line, leadership and team.

Zheila is no stranger to Collaboration’s work processes and clients, as she served as a contract consultant for the past five years. Zheila brings a wealth of business coaching experience to Collaboration’s team. As a small business owner of a San Luis Obispo dance studio, Zheila is uniquely positioned to offer experience-based advice to her clients.

“I’m proud to assist my clients in achieving their goals so that they, in turn, can reach even more people through their work,” Zheila said.

Jill’s presence ‘behind-the-scenes,’ such as producing materials and discovery summaries, will enable our Senior Consultants to focus their energy on strategizing growth opportunities for our clients.

“We are thrilled to have Zheila and Jill join our collaborative team with their extensive breadth and depth of expertise. We found ourselves in the same position our clients are when they come to us for help; we’re rapidly growing across the nation and we knew it was time to refocus our energy and bring in additional accomplished individuals to achieve our own breakthrough performance,” said Michael Gunther, Collaboration founder and managing partner. “Zheila, Jill and the rest of us at Collaboration are ready to help our clients strengthen their leadership skills and teams so that they can earn even more revenue than ever before.”

To learn more about Zheila Pouraghabagher, visit her company bio:, or connect with her at [email protected].

To learn more about Jill Dagion, visit her company bio:, or connect with her at [email protected].

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