Coastal Handyman Service

Mike and Krista Rooney, co-owners of Coastal Handyman Service, were eager to get to the next level of their business, but unsure about how to do it. During their four-month engagement with us, they completely transformed their sales and marketing strategies alongside their daily operations. In the beginning of their business venture, “we were truly a Mom & Pop business,” Krista said. The Rooneys got caught up in the day-to-day details of running their business, which left little time for planning and strategizing growth. “We did what we had to do to get through the day, whereas now, everything is very organized. We have goals and things are planned out for next month, the next six months, and the next year,” she said. Mike felt empowered with his newfound knowledge: he now really understands his company’s finances and the sales projections for his services. “Collaboration gave us a lot of tools that I had no idea were available,” he said.

Coastal Handyman Service will literally do it all, from changing light bulbs to remodeling or even building a house from the ground up. Mike feels honored to be a part of his clients’ lives and is rewarded by seeing his ideas come to a visual fruition. He’s empowered by the accolades he receives from his clientele, who enjoy the beauty he brings to their homes. Learn more about the handiwork of Coastal Handyman Service here or by calling (805) 704-9717.

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