By Collaboration

What do you do when your business shifts? Customers are no longer knocking down your door. Your products and/or services fall behind the times because someone else has invented or offered the next best thing. It’s easy to become so involved IN your business that you don’t have the time to work ON your business and you don’t realize you missed something until it’s too late.

It’s critical to be aware of the things going on around you when you’re running a business – prospects for growth, learning opportunities, training and educational programs to further the skills of your team, involvement with community groups, volunteering for non-profits and networking. True, these activities will increase your workload, but they are critical to being a successful business owner and leader. Without opening your eyes to what’s going on around you, within your industry and your community, you will be left in the dust of your competitors.

You must consistently lead your business forward, setting and achieving new goals as you go. These “extracurricular” activities will help you reach those goals. There is always going to be someone out there working harder, learning more and building more relationships. The key is to have a balance of these activities in your daily routine, so that they are constantly creating a value to your organization, and they don’t feel like a tremendous burden.

Keep a positive attitude and seek solutions instead of focusing on problems. Don’t lose your drive and determination. Your upbeat spirit will be contagious and you’ll see it reflected in your team. The real secret to success is honest, hard work. In the words of Thomas Edison, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Lucky for you, you’re not “most people.”

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Something’s not right with your business. You know it, your team feels it and maybe it’s trickling down to your clients too. Whatever issues you’re facing, let our friendly, smart, intuitive team give you the tools you need to elevate your business. Give us a call, send an email, or meet us out for coffee or a cocktail. Let’s collaborate to create a successful business!

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