Anderson Burton Construction

Success Snapshot

  • Streamlined processes rapidly and sustainably grew business from $500k/year to $70+M/year
  • Re-energized strategy lead to rising above poor economy
  • Company credits survival to Collaboration’s brutally honest feedback

Anderson Burton Construction is a national leader in construction services. President Joni Anderson and Vice President Fletcher Burton struggled with the process side of the business, particularly relating to systems, tracking, and financials. Collaboration was hired to help streamline those processes. “Through the managed growth process that we learned through Collaboration, we were able to grow our business from a $500,000/year company to a $13+ million/year company,” Anderson said.

Then, Anderson Burton was rocked when the economy tanked in 2008. They re-engaged Collaboration and realized that if they didn’t start changing their trajectory now, they would soon face unrecoverable damages. The team strategized a way to look for work in other places, ultimately ending up in Afghanistan. Now, Anderson Burton partners with federal, public and private sector projects and is over $70M in revenue. “I’d recommend Collaboration to people that need a clear view from someone on the outside,” Anderson said. “Collaboration has a way to get down to what you need to know — and they’re going to tell you that. It’ll be the brutal honest truth, but that’s what you need for your company to survive,” Burton said.

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