AccuAir Suspension

Success Snapshot

  • Landed on Inc. 5000’s 2015 list with 237.4% growth
  • Earned $7.1M in 2014, after Collaboration’s engagement involving process improvements
  • Improved communication between brothers/owners, alleviating stressful situations for the entire team

Collaboration’s engagement with AccuAir Suspension sought to alleviate productivity and sales challenges the fast-growing company faced. Owners Reno Heon and Dustin Heon also faced the specific challenge of learning how to communicate professionally; as brothers, they often relied on arguing to get through a problem, which only ended up creating more stress for themselves and their employees.

AccuAir grew quickly, but lacked the day-to-day operations and processes to support their growth. Collaboration was able to help almost immediately, with succinct action items to improve communication. “Collaboration quickly became a part of our team and took on some of the burden and challenges we faced,” Dustin said. Once their processes smoothed out, AccuAir was able to naturally solve their issues in finance, sales and production. AccuAir also landed on the 2015 Inc. 5000 List with 237.4% growth and earning $7.1 million in 2014.

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